Dear Guest

Welcome to 26onChardonnay and we hope you will enjoy your stay. To help us keep up the high standard at our guesthouse, please obey the following rules:

  • The sound levels of music/sound equipment must be kept at a reasonable level at all times – not be a nuisance to other guests.

  • The right of admission is reserved.

  • Arrival times are between 14h00 and 20h00

  • A booking of two days is required over weekends.

    In the event of the departure date of a longer booking approaching a weekend, either the Friday or Sunday has to be the date of departure. (Not Saturday)

  • Bookings during long weekends with public holidays on Monday and or Friday must have a minimum stay of three nights.

  • The house is to be vacated by 09h00 on day of departure except Sundays when there is no time for departure. Failing to do so may lead to your account being charged an extra day’s cost.

  • The number of people is restricted to the number of beds per unit.

    (If management suspects that the above rule is being transgressed, they reserve the right to carry an inspection of the unit anytime during the day or night)

  • Bookings:

    1) 50% deposit is required to confirm booking.

  • Persons making use of 26onChardonnay shall do so at their own risk and the company will not accept responsibility for damage, loss, or injury that they may suffer during their stay.

    Any violation of the above-mentioned rules gives the management the right to evict the visitors and his retinue from this guesthouse, without refund of any money already paid.

  • Cancellations:

  • Failure to pay the deposit on the given date will result in the cancellation of your booking without further correspondence or notification.  No deposit will be paid back if cancellation is not done within 1 month before your arrival. Bookings and deposits will not be transferable. It will be expected of you to make a new reservation. If you want to reduce the number of nights, you need to cancel 3 weeks in advance, otherwise you will have to pay full outstanding amount.